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Why podcast advertising?

Advertising on podcasts is one of the most effective methods of directly reaching potential customers in a way that traditional, mainstream advertising simply cannot compete with. The growth in the podcast space is truly staggering. There are currently over 2 million active podcasts, up from 550,000 in 2018, a 400% increase in just 3 years!

How To Convert Listeners Into Buyers Anywhere, Anytime

According to the latest Nielsen research, 78% of consumers don't mind hearing podcast ads, while 62% would consider buying a product after hearing it advertised on a podcast. 

Podcasts are a different breed of media than their mainstream broadcast predecessors. Podcast listeners are highly engaged and tend to develop a trusting relationship with the hosts of their favorite podcasts. Podcasts offer a personal relationship and sense of community with their listeners that simply cannot be replicated with traditional broadcast media. 

Here are some great reasons to use a podcast for your advertising needs

Trust and likeability

of the podcast host. Our hosts have years of experience and have built up trust with their listeners, so much so that 88% of podcast listeners that subscribe will listen to most or all of the episodes.

Because our Listeners

take the time to listen to all of their favourite episodes, you can still generate new customers even after a year

Listeners actually pay attention

to the podcast ads, and with repetition of your ad…we know that an amazing 63% of the listeners will act on podcast advertising. 


No Google SEO

Let's face it, SEO is hard, takes an immense amount of time and it is tough to quantify the costs versus the revenue to your bottom line. You are also subject to the whims of Google and their difficult-to-understand algorithm. Instead, we drive traffic directly through ad placement on popular podcast shows in your niche.

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No Facebook Ads

Facebook is known for censoring information and refusing ad buys from what they would consider controversial businesses. We believe in the free market and let businesses and podcasters make their own decisions on which ads they will run on their shows and which they will not. We do our best to match you with your ideal audience who will welcome your products and services and are happy to hear from you even if your message does not fit into the mainstream medias narritaive. 

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No Instagram Stories

We provide advertising with a long tail, not 20 seconds clips that disappear in a day. All our ads are read by the host of the podcast themselves, meaning they are part of the original episode and stay there for the lifetime of the podcast episode.

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No LinkedIn Interruptions

Linkedin traditionally had a terrible return on investment because even LinkedIn experts describe the platform as dull as dirt. It is not an ideal situation to have your prospect's mindset in. Instead, we look at matching you with fun podcasts with a loyal fan base who trust the host and are excited to receive recommendations.

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'I’ve been doing podcast advertising for years and have never found a medium that competes with the reach and warm response my products and services receive. Vivate helps get my message heard.'

Mikkel Thorup

Schedule A Call

When you schedule a call with us we will discuss your exact needs, we will learn about you and your business. We will discuss your perfect client including their demographic and sociographic outline. If you don't have this thought out we will coach you based on the call who might be a good fit for your business.

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Decide On A Plan

Once you engage our services, we will develop an advertising plan based on your needs. We will hand-select the podcast shows you will be featured on and the reach you are expected to receive. We will then reach out to the hosts based on our years of experience working with them and negotiate the best rates to run your ads.

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Full Breakdown Of Your Ads

Every 4 weeks we will manually send you a PDF report of where your ads were played, the timestamps they appeared, the link to listen to the ad yourself and the trailing 4 week listens. You will be able to verify everything and see that your ads are being read in a way that drives the most amount of traffic back to your products and services. 


Book A Call With Us

It's no secret that big tech has more and more control over our lives but there are indie shows out there with millions of devoted followers, we will help you tap into them.

If you are looking to get more traffic for your product or service without having to pay your tithe to Big Tech, reach out to the Vivate team today and find out if podcast advertising is right for you!

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